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The floppy drive, CD burner, pin iPhone connector, the original iMovie…. Now, Apple has done it again.

Mac Tips: Deleting El Capitan Photos

It has replaced the beloved but aging iPhoto with a completely new Mac app called Photos, which comes with El Capitan. Because, Apple says, times have changed in the 13 years since iPhoto first came along. Lots of things in El Capitan need to be seriously fixed.

Lots of third party products are having issues or not working. Logic Pro X has major issue, and that is an Apple product.

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As for Twister, loving it. Text and icons remain microscopic on a large screen, and the jet-black glossy background, with floating palettes remains headache-inducing. Pixelmator Team. As for the Extension. Secondly, we wanted to do it with the most advanced Apple technologies out there. And we chose to add Distort tools. The best part is that in addition to bringing amazing quality tools to the Photos app, now we have an awesome foundation to build on.

Congratulations with this new version! I want real controls and adjustments like lens correction,and radial and gradient adjustments. I am not really impressed by this maintenance update. Now that you have Photos Extensions foundation in place, I really hope there will be more extensions in the future too! The Repair tool would be amazing in Photos. No dates set, but you will. And it will be great. I will probably only be using Photos and the Distort extension until the workflow is simplified. Could you not waste time and effort making supplements for the pathetically useless Photos app and concentrate on the task at hand?

I understand your software is meant to be a serious image editing product and no one who needs such a product would allow the Photos app to run on their computer other than by mischance. Most users are capable of organising their images without the need for the awful Photos library feature.

Please advise when you expect the release with the bug fixes to be available. This would be a huge benefit…. I like what you guys are up also. Such clever work and reporting! Just updated to El captain — and now Pixalmator is not working at all!!

How to Recover Mac Data from OS X El Capitan Hard Drive

It crashes each time I try to open a file. Any fix? Really glad that you are making these extensions for Photos. I request you to create an extensions for adjustment brushes within Photos like Dodge, Burn, Contrast etc. Opening pixelmator 3.

OS X El Capitan

Sites like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter are particularly good uses of this feature, quietly refreshing in the background and always displaying the most recent info. When watching a web video in Safari, it's now possible to AirPlay the video to the Apple TV without needing to share your entire desktop. With Yosemite, to watch a web video on the Apple TV you need to mirror your entire display, but that's not necessary in El Capitan.

Safari's also gained a new "Mute All Tabs" button, accessible right in the address bar of the browser. This is an invaluable tool if you're someone that often opens a multitude of tabs because a lot of sites use autoplaying audio or video. Mute All Tabs kills the sound and it'll let you know exactly which tab is causing a problem. If you only want to mute a single tab, that's possible too.

Maps in El Capitan has a new Transit view, which displays walking, subway, train, bus, and ferry routes, for planning out a trip that involves mass transit routing in advance. You can also choose to incorporate transit routes when getting directions. Prior to El Capitan, getting transit directions required using a third-party mapping service. The new two-factor authentication feature does away with Recovery Keys and uses new methods to trust devices and deliver verification codes for a more streamlined user experience.

How to Prevent the Photos App from Launching in Mac OSX

Any device that you sign into with the new authentication system becomes a trusted device that can then be used to verify your identity when signing into other devices and services linked to your Apple ID. This simplifies the process of trusting devices. It's also now possible to use text messages or phone calls as a backup option when a trusted device is not available.

Previously, two-factor verification codes could only be delivered by text message or on a verified device. The elimination of Recovery Keys is the most important feature in the new two-factor authentication system, as it means there's no longer a danger of losing an Apple ID and linked purchases forever should both a Recovery Key and a trusted device become lost.

With the new authentication system, Apple's customer support team will help users recover their Apple IDs through a recovery process if trusted devices become inaccessible and accessing an account to change a password is impossible. According to Apple, behind-the-scenes enhancements to OS X in El Capitan have made a number of apps and processes on the Mac much faster.

Apps launch up to 1. Opening Mail and displaying the first messages is said to be two times faster, and opening a PDF in the Preview app is said to be four times faster.

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One of the major performance enhancements in El Capitan comes in the form of the adoption of Apple's core graphics technology, Metal. With Metal, Apple says system-level graphics rendering is 40 percent more efficient and 50 percent faster. This translates to better performance from graphics-intensive apps and Metal also brings some significant enhancements to games.

It improves draw call performance by up to 10x, which could lead to more realism and detail in future titles. In addition to the major features that have been added to OS X El Capitan and covered above, there are several smaller additions and tweaks to the operating system. We've listed these below check out the video for a quick overview. Originally designed for the Apple Watch, San Francisco is a condensed sans serif font that's not unlike Helvetica. It was created specifically for small displays with extra spacing between each letter to increase legibility on the wrist, but as it turns out, it also looks fantastic on the Retina screens of iPhones and Macs.

On a large screen, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a small cursor, especially when waking a Mac. In El Capitan, there's a new cursor feature that causes the cursor to grow larger when you move your finger back and forth on a trackpad or shake a connected mouse so you can see right where it is on the screen.

In El Capitan, there's a new Notification Center widget for the "Find My Friends" app, allowing people to access the locations of their friends more quickly. The iconic rainbow wheel pointer or "beachball" used to indicate when something is loading on OS X has been updated with El Capitan.

It's now flatter and it has brighter, more defined colors. Disk Utility has an entirely new look in El Capitan with a status bar that shows how much disk space is being used and what it's used by. For Chinese users, there's a new Ping Fang system font that's crisper, enhanced keyboard input with better language prediction, and improved trackpad handwriting with a new Trackpad window that provides more room to write multiple characters in a row.

For Japanese users, there are four new Japanese fonts and a dramatic improvement for entering Japanese text. El Capitan includes an enhanced vocabulary and improved language engine, automatically transforming Hiragana into written Japanese and eliminating the need to press the space bar for individual word conversions. In one of the later betas, the Dashboard feature was disabled by default , suggesting it is no longer a focal point for Apple. El Capitan includes a lot of new tools for developers and by taking a look at these tools, we can get an idea of the changes the new operating system brings to third-party apps.

First and foremost, developers can access the aforementioned Metal APIs, which results in better graphics in games and better performance in graphics-intensive apps. In the future, we may see websites where a Force Touch does something special, like saving a photo or sharing a video. Apple's already introduced Force Touch APIs for third-party Mac apps, so we'll also be seeing apps that take advantage of the feature in the near future.

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  6. Along with Force Touch, there are a lot of new tools for Safari. Developers are also able to create app extensions for Photos, and as mentioned above, this lets third-party editing tools be used directly within the Photos app, much like a plugin.